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Adam Sandler - A Bio

Born September 9, 1966 Adam Sandler is a comedian actor from America. The actor apart from being an actor has forayed into music, songwriting as well as production and is also a philanthropist. The actor is known to be one of the best comic actors of all time in Hollywood and has acted in comedy films like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The actor debuted in 1989 with the film Going Overboard and since then he has not looked back.

Sandler was a permanent presence at stage comedy shows in clubs in late 80’s and was found by comedian Dennis Miller who later recommended Sandler to popular TV comedy show Saturday Night Live. With films like Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, Grownups and Blended, Sandler have made a mark in the industry and has created a niche of his own that is hard to replace in times to come.

Life – The actor who born in New York and spend most years of his life in Manchester Hampshire. Jewish by birth, the actor was spiritually inclined since childhood and is quite a firm believer in ideological principles of Jews. On personal front, Sandler has always been a family man and married to long time girlfriend Jacqueline Titone in 2003 after she converted to Judaism.

The actor has been one of the best comedians in the industry now and it is believed that he never writes his acts. He simply goes to the stage and performs then and there. This one trait is quite exciting and has won him a lot of praises over the years. It is still a question as to how the actor pulls the whole act without an script?

Adam has been one of those unlucky actors who did not get the deserved accolades and recognition for his performances. The actor who is foraying into the role of Producer is busy shooting some project is also busy with his music and jigs. It remains to be seen as to what will be the next dose of entertainment from actor’s kitty and how he will enthrall the audience in years to come?

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