Study: Diversity + Proximity = Yup, You Guessed It


Add another vindicating fluff of yer ‘umble narrator’s e’er-so-‘umble ego. Via HBD Chick, a pointer to a 2017 research paper that lovingly (if jargonistically) validates my Diversity + Proximity = War equation and (re)discovers that ethnic diversity in close proximity raises the risk of civil war and other miserable outcomes.

oh, no. don't tell me that χ2 diversity + proximity = you-know-what?!
— h(orror)bd chick (@hbdchick) October 29, 2017

χ2 diversity: raising the risk of civil war. Desmet, Ortuño-Ortín, Wacziarg, in the American Economic Review (1/N)
— Garett Jones (@GarettJones) October 27, 2017

In the middle of the

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