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Dianna Agron is an American actress, dancer, singer and music video director born on 30th of April 1986 in Savannah, Georgia. She was raised in San Francisco and started taking dancing classes when she was 3 years. She is the daughter of Mary Agron and Ronald Agron and has a younger brother, Jason. Agron’s grandfather from the father’s side is from Russia. According to the actor, their initial name was Agronsky but the officials from Ellis Island altered it to Agron. Her mother converted to Judaism while her father is a Jewish born. At the age of 15, she learnt that her father suffered from multiple sclerosis. The disease negatively impacted the relationship between her parents who eventually separated. The separation was devastating to her and her brother and as she says, she “had to play the family therapist.”

While in San Francisco, Agron studied jazz and ballet, which proved helpful in her childhood.  But the full importance of these classes was realized when she stepped into high school and begun acting. Some of the school productions that she appeared in are Grease and Vanities. Agron lived a life that any other teenager lives. She looked for summer job at a local boutique where she says it raised her cautiousness about fashion. She even took photos to be used in her high school yearbook.

Upon graduating from high school in 2004 at the age of 18 she relocated to Los Angeles to live up her dreams. She always wanted to become a professional actor and that turned out to a reality.

She is famously known for her role in the Fox series, Glee. Apart from Glee, Agron has appeared in many other films like I AM Number Four (2011), The Hunters – 2011, The Family – 2013, Zipper – 2015 and Bare – 2015.

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