Application Effect of Forchlorfenuron On Fruit Trees


Fruit protected, fruit trees without pollution is the important to use drugs. Prohibit backyard to use very toxic, high residue pesticides encourage using biological pesticides and low toxicity, reduced-residue pesticides, create pollution-free of charge security fruits. Forchlorfenuron was also identified Fengbao, quick large, and so on. Forchlorfenuron is phenyl urea derivatives, with cell division exercise. Can advertise cell division, differentiation and expansion, encourage protein and organ formation, has the impact of enhancing crops and fruit trees resistance and anti-aging.

Forchlorfenuron is a productive plant development regulator was very first designed by the United States and confirm their plant growth regulating perform. Primarily utilized in the food and fruit production, particularly for grapes, kiwi fruit has considerably exercised, boost production substantially, some types can enhance 50% of the yield, the cell division action is ten instances of benzyl adenine, one hundred instances of the four-pyridyl urea.

Forchlorfenuron functional role: encourage fruit enlargement, Forchlorfenuron can drastically encourage the grapes, kiwi, cucumbers and other fruits and veggies enlarging fruits, enhance crop yields. Advertise fruit set, forchlorfenuron market the fruit set of fruits and vegetables and a selection of fruits. Such as employed forchlorfenuron in grapes flowering or ahead of flowering can naturally advertise bearing fruit, to fruit dimension is almost no impact or a slight effect although utilized soon after flowering cannot encourage bearing fruit, but considerably promote fruit enlargement. Forchlorfenuron also can induce callus formation. And the cell proliferation fee is significantly higher than other plant development regulating substances. Increase fruit top quality, although forchlorfenuron advertising crop development can increase the good quality of agricultural items. Induce parthenocarpy, the impact of forchlorfenuron induced parthenocarpy in watermelon, bitter gourd and other crops had been confirmed. Used forchlorfenuron to deal with prior to flowering, then develops into the entirely stenospermocarpy use forchlorfenuron to deal with soon after flowering, can market fruit enlarging.

Some application crops and effect of forchlorfenuron, grapes: in grapes ultimate flowering (before physiological fruit drop), with three-8mg/L forchlorfenuron spray ear, helps to lessen due to poor pollination, lower temperature, rain, drought induced shattering, increase fruit set after the blossom falls 10-15 days, with 5-15 mg/L forchlorfenuron dip younger fruit ear, is ready to accelerate the younger fruit enlargement, improved fruit fat and single panicle body weight. Cucumber: on bloom or just before flowering, with five-20mg/L Forchlorfenuron dipping or spraying to juvenile fruit can promote youthful fruit advancement, early marketplace, increase the yield and products worth.

Use Forchlorfenuron needs to note: Forchlorfenuron with greater physiological activity, the used concentrations also higher can trigger hollow fruit, deformities, cracking and other side results, must be essential to use the period, concentration, dosage and method of use. Should be employed as soon as it is mixed, the original use must first check a tiny spot, acquire knowledge and then big scale employed. For worse increasing, heavy pests and illnesses plants, cannot attain the desired enhance manufacturing effect.

The forchlorfenuron treated site is little melon, not flowers or stems uneven deal with small melon will form deformity melon original use forchlorfenuron should be conducted tiny-scale experiments or seek advice from the agricultural sector drug liquid must use as quickly as it is mixed, if spraying right after 6 hours meet raining need to be remedied the usage time needs to be evening or in the morning with artificial pollination will be better, but do not repeat spray when at substantial temperature can use reduced concentrations forchlorfenuron, at reduced temperature can use increased concentrations, the concentrations cannot be arbitrarily improved, or it will be prone to bitter, hollow, deformed fruit and other phenomena Forchlorfenuron ought to not mix putting with foods, seed, feed, do not let children and livestock touch it.

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