Crotons: How To Grow And Care For Codiaeum Variegatum

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Crotons offer a splash of color to any environment. With thick, leathery leaves that have a shiny surface and that grow

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On Guitars and Gardens

Though I haven’t done as much gardening as I’d like, we’re still doing well this year.
First, here’s a look at the small gardens next to our house:

And the gardens next to where the bull ate my pigeon peas, just a little downhill from the rest of the yard:

I’ll take you

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A Well-Designed Shade Garden

Heather and her husband Kevin bought their 19th century home in Vermont about ten years ago, and in that time have transformed the half-acre or so into picturesque, purposeful perennial gardens. Everywhere you look on the property there is a garden with a different purpose; whether it’s to reduce mowing

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My Friend Eddy and His Gardens

Last week I posted this video featuring my friend Eddy:

Eddy took a small space in South Florida and used it to grow a good amount of food and medicine. Yams, soursop, avocado, passionfruit, Barbados cherry, guava, tamarind, bees, herbs, bananas and more. And that’s with a pool in the middle

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