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Nina Dobrev Biography

Nina Dobrev was born in January 9, 1989 at Sofia, Bulgaria. Initially born as Nina Constantinova Dobreva, she is commonly called by the name Dobrev. Her mother is Michaela Konstantinova, an actor, while her father is Nikolai Dobrev, a tech-savvy. She also has a brother – Alexander. Dobrev is a Bulgarian with a Canadian identity and lives in Toronto, Ontario. She and her family moved to Canada when she was two years and have been living there since then.

Dobrev studied at J. B. Tyrrell Sr. Public School where she took jazz and ballet classes and finished rhythmic gymnastics. She then attended Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts in Ontario. She also attended Ryerson University to study sociology but left to concentrate on an acting career.

She is trilingual and can fluently speak French, English and Bulgarian. Nina Dobrev has been in a relationship with the Vampire Diaries co-star – Damon Salvatore but did not continue with their relationship. She has also been a source of speculation for a relationship with Ian Somerhalder, a co-star as well. She at one time posted numerous pictures of herself and Somerhalder declaring their fondness for each other. They took their relationship further in 2011 but separated in 2013. However, they are still instantly seen as friends. Months later, she got into a relationship with Derek Hough and speculation is that she is expectant.

Dobrev has a liking for formal dresses and many find her simple and effortless attractive. Due to her deep talent and attractive personality, she has successfully pushed forth her acting career. She has a number of hobbies like volleyball, playing soccer and swimming. She also likes wake boarding, rock climbing and snowboarding. Adventure is Dobrev’s fond and on many occasions, she has had vacations in Europe.

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