Tom Cruise Biography


Tom Cruise is a professional American actor, director, and producer. Born on July 3, 1962, he became one of the full-fledged movie stars of Hollywood following his starring role in Top Gun in 1986. Tom began his acting career at the age of 19. He featured in the film Endless Love in 1981 and The Outsiders in 1983, the same year he played his first leading role in Risky Business. He starred in several other successful Hollywood films in the 1980’s, including Cocktail in 1988 and Rain Man in the same year, and The Color of Money in 1986. Were all his movies successful?


Coming from Syracuse, New York, Cruise started developing a keen interest in acting as early as high school, and decided to follow his passion. He is well known for his excellent work in some of the top hit films, especially the Mission Impossible franchise. His marriages to celebrity actresses Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman attracted the attention of the tabloids. His parents Mary and Thomas Mapother divorced when Cruise was just 11, causing him and his sister siblings to move in with their mother to different places such as Louisville, Kentucky, and New Jersey following her remarriage. Since he suffered from dyslexia like his mother and three siblings, Cruise could not excel in academics, so he began professional wrestling, and later pursued priesthood after a knee injury. He quit priesthood after a year. Tom has 3 children, two of which are adopted. Was Tom that great in sports?


Cruise is a successful film producer, actor, writer and director. He has made appearances in several successful films and taken a leading role in several of these movies. His work in the franchise hit film Mission Impossible has made him one of the most successful Hollywood actors. Tom Cruise has three children, two of which are adopted. Is Tom Cruise still married to any of his wives?

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